Thursday, April 24, 2014

Crunch time

            It’s down to the wire in classes now. All of this nice weather has given me spring fever and it’s so much more appealing to enjoy it instead of doing class work. Because I’ve been choosing to have fun lately instead of balance school and fun, I am currently paying for it. I’m stressed out even more than an average student should be around this time in the semester but I know that in these next two weeks that I’m going to have to suck it up and get it done. We’ve been talking about everything that needs to be done to get an A in English, which includes making a PowerPoint on one of our papers. We’ve also been discussing our portfolio, which I will be trying my hardest to get put together within the next week. On Wednesday we had to write an in-class essay about our contribution to our individual learning and the learning of our other classmates. I will admit that this semester I have not been up to my usual student standards. College is a whole different world from high school and it is so much easier to slack off, which makes it also so much easier to get behind. On Friday, those of us who signed up for an A have to present a PowerPoint for the Student Expo in the library. It's Thursday night and I'm just now making mine, oops. It’s time for me to get all of my stuff together and cram until I can’t think straight. May the curve be ever in your favor as this semester comes to an end.

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